How To Cope With An STD

Finding out that you have an STD, a sexually transmitted disease, can be one of the most difficult experiences in your entire life. However, you are far from alone. More than 65 million Americans, one in five, have an STD. Of course, STDs range in seriousness, symptoms, and contagiousness, but all are likely to make you pause for thought in terms of your sexual health and the possible implications of unprotected sex. However, it doesn’t have to mean either the end of your life, or even the end of your sexual life, rather it signals a time in your life when you have to take stock of the decisions you are making, particularly in your love life. This is the time to decide what can be done to make sure that this will be your one and only brush with a sexually transmitted disease, and that you learn safe sex for a healthy life.

man with std

Get treatment if you have an STD


The absolute first thing to be done is to determine what course of treatment can be taken. Some STDs, such as HPV, are currently untreatable, but most will require a course of antibiotic or antiviral medication. It is of course vital that you take the recommend course of drugs that a doctor or sexual health professional prescribe. For your health, and that of any future partners, you have to make sure that this disease is eradicated.For some STDs, such as Genital Herpes, and HIV, there is no known cure. For Herpes, a course of antiviral medication will lessen the symptoms and abate the disease, but the virus is likely to linger in your body forever, causing occasional outbreaks. Therefore it is important to tell future partners about the disease, even if this makes you uncomfortable. For HIV, it is obviously imperative, and in fact a legal requirement in many states, that any future partners know about your condition.It is important to remember that HIV is no longer the death sentence it was once considered. Current treatments can prevent the virus causing AIDS indefinitely and it is possible to live with the disease, as long as you maintain the correct levels of medication.

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make sure you tell people about your STD

Fessing Up

Current Partner

If you find out that you have an STD it is important that you tell your current partner so that they can also immediately get tested. Of course, this might also mean that you have to come clean about can you acquired the disease, if not through them. These types of conversations are obviously painful for everyone, but are necessary for everyone to be informed. It may be that you, or they, had a dormant condition that has just recently presented itself, but everyone has to be in the know for the sake of the good health of the people you love.

Past Partners

It may be important to go back to previous partners and talk to them about the disease also. If you did not contract the disease in your current relationship, then you may have contracted it from a previous partner, you now might be at risk. Try and find such people and tell them that you have been tested and recommend that they do also. Though again, such conversations can be difficult, in the long run it is important that people are aware of the problem.

Future Partners

A lot of people who contract an STD worry that it will be the end of their sexual life. However, this definitely does not need to be the case. If the condition is treatable, then as long as you take the treatment and test negative at the end, then you are free (see below) to continue with a healthy sexual life. If the condition is untreatable, then you do have a duty to tell future partners about your status. In the case of HIV, this is often mandated by law now, but morally it is wise to tell anyone that you may pass the disease to that they might be at risk.

getting through std

You can get through an STD together

The Future

As I say, a positive test for an STD need not mean a chastity belt for forever more. But it should act as a warning sign for the future. Safe sex using condoms is important not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also to stop the spread of such diseases. If you can contracted such a disease then you are unlikely to be practicing safe sex. This is the biggest change that you can make that will negate such problems in the future.Being more open about such diseases will also help. There are now dating apps specifically for people with STDS, so that they can date and have sex with people with the same condition without fear of passing it on. However, as long as you practice safe sex and are open about past problems, there is no need to restrict your love life in future, just treat it with a little more respect.

Figure Out Something New. Dating Tips For Men

A lot of the dating advice that you’ll find over the Internet and in magazines will be pretty much the same things, just reworded and made catchier. If you are bored of the traditional and thoroughly unhelpful advice for every man being “be confident and be yourself, everything else will fall in to place.”, then hopefully this article will help you a little bit more. Advice for young men on how to date should be easy to use and help. Old dating tips are always a little strange. They seem completely contrived and made up and are often things like “Don’t call a girl back for at least 48.75 hours, else that’s your lot!”. Now that we are all connected to the Internet 24/7 and own mobile phones, this just isn’t what you should be doing anymore. Text and call your date whenever you feel like it but make sure you are not over indulging and annoying them!

datingtips for men

Text and call your date whenever you feel like it but make sure you are not over indulging and annoying them!

Keeping your phone on and keeping in touch with people doesn’t have to be difficult and shouldn’t even take very long to do. You can keep up to date with many forms of communication especially if you use something that can talk to all the different types of mobile phones now like Whatsapp. Use technology to make your life less difficult and keep in touch with your dates and friends!Bare in mind what you upload to the Internet. Pretty much anything you post to a social media site or your own website will be archived and cached by a number of services, without you even realizing that it is happening. Potential dates might see you on the Internet doing things that make you look immature or crazy and this can come back to haunt you in the future. Only upload things that you wouldn’t mind other people seeing and make sure you don’t upload any evidence of you doing illegal or dangerous things.When you are out on a date, be fun, daring and make sure that the date will actually want to spend time with you. If you are interesting, do cool things and generally are fun to be around, it’ll make it much more likely you go on more than one date with this person. Don’t wait for a ‘good time’ to ask someone on a date. Be impulsive and seize the moment, the worst that can happen is that they say no, and this really isn’t that much of a problem! Asking your date on another date before the end of the one you are already on shows that you have good confidence in the relationship that you are creating and playing hard to get will only bite you later on. Realize that not everyone has the same romantic goals as you. Whilst you might want to find someone for marriage, quite a lot of people simply want to have a good time and meet new people. There’s nothing wrong with this of course but you need to make sure that you are handling your expectations correctly and that you will be able to keep in touch with people even if they don’t want the same things as you. People often change their mind and girls that just want to date may well want to marry you in the future.

ask your date

You need to create a good first impression

Create a good first impression, but don’t go overboard. Whilst we are telling you to revel in life and have fun, if you labor the point too much or start being ridiculous, people will just think you are putting up a front and will think it is all part of a big joke. Whilst people end up dressing up for their first date, don’t go in to the date wearing your fanciest suit if you don’t usually wear those kinds of things. A lot of people exhibit false behavior on their first date so that they can attempt to woo their date with how awesome and perfect they are. Whilst putting in some effort to get a haircut and shave and so on is worthwhile, when you go overboard and change what you are wearing, you are not displaying your true self and your date will be able to tell this. Most people are not comfortable in the clothes and the places that they wouldn’t usually frequent or wear and this is eminently noticeable. Play things up a little but don’t turn in to a fake version of yourself. Much like girls that wear far too much make up, fake tan and other types of ‘beauty’ treatments, if you display a perfect version of yourself it is obvious that this isn’t how you usually are. Hopefully, these dating tips will give you an idea of how to progress and you’ll find a great partner.

What Does Your Partner Really Want?

Relationships are always a complex thing. You think you are doing everything that you can do to make your other half happy, yet your relationship still seems like it is missing something. You have tried the overblown romantic gestures, the mind blowing sex and lavishing all of your attention and energy on the relationship and it still hasn’t fixed what you think might be wrong. What do you do? You think you have tried everything, but what your relationship missing isn’t the big acts of attention. Read on for a list of things to try if you think your relationship is missing that little something.

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What Does Your Partner Really Want

Physical Contact

Whilst mind blowing sex is a great plus in any romantic relationship, it’s not the type of physical contact we are on about. Your partner, never mind whether they are male/female will always be happier if you make an effort to hug and kiss them more often. Whilst these small acts of kindness seem like something they might forget five minutes later, the act of you hugging and kissing them regularly and spontaneously makes people feel better about themselves and more confident. More confidence equals better self esteem and when people are feeling happy about themselves, the happiness radiates off of them. Happy people make those around them happier and you can make your other half happier with a few simple hugs every day. It’s a little thing that people sometimes forget in the age of computers and televisions, human contact is almost forgotten.

physical contact

Sex and physical contact are really important in a relationship

Emotional Availability

In addition to being there to provide physical contact, letting your partner know that you are there for them as a shoulder to cry on, to bounce their ideas off of and to share their happiness means that your partner will become happier and more content. When you are available both physically and emotionally, your partner will feel much closer to you and trust you more. Relationships should be built on a rock solid foundation of communication and mutual admiration. If your affection comes in big chunks, try to spread it out. Being there for someone all the time is better than throwing them the occasional party.

Share Things With Your Partner

Share things with your partner. Open yourself to that person.

Share things with your partner. Open yourself to that person.

Whilst this one is a little bit reductive, it can be very upsetting when your partner is often upset or sad. You might believe it’s the result of one of your actions or worse. Your partner will usually try to cheer you up and you should thank them for their efforts. If you are physically and emotionally available to your partner, they will be the same to you. This lets you share your troubles with your partner. Talking about things can really help, even if your partner has nothing to say. They say a problem shared is a problem halved and whilst we don’t quite believe that entirely, it does help when you can talk about something without fear. If you have a problem at work or with one of your friends, talk to your partner about it. They might be powerless to actually help you but a fresh pair of eyes is usually enough to figure out a way of fixing your problems.

Ask Them If They Perceive Any Problem.

Since time immemorial, humans have existed inside their heads, with little regard for what is actually happening around them. This means that whilst you might think there’s something missing from your relationship, your significant other thinks it’s great. Your perception can get skewed when you only see the relationship from one side and having another person just to ask “Why do you think that?” can make all the difference. You might find that actually, the relationship is great and you are so used to being in bad relationships that something must be wrong and needs attending to. It’s quite possible that your relationship is absolutely great for your partner and you are the only one worrying about what is “wrong”.

communicate with her

All relationship problems start with misunderstood minds. Try to communicate your feelings

The only way you will ever find the answer to this question is by asking your partner how they think about the relationship. Two answers will come from this question.

The first will be the simple answer of “I don’t see anything wrong?” This allows you to focus your efforts on enjoying the company of your partner and have a little more fun day to day, rather than worrying about whether or not something is missing from the relationship. The other answer is “Well, there is this one thing.” This way, you figure out exactly what the problem is and can nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control. Sometimes the smallest thing can throw off the whole relationship and could be fixed with a frank conversation.

Being passive aggressive toward your partner until things improve has a 0% success rate. Whilst you might think that you are displaying your feelings on your sleeve for all to see, the abstraction of aggression can make it difficult for your partner to decide what to do. In this case, they might not even bother, letting you stew in rage. If you don’t let them know that it’s okay to ask you how you feel and it’s not pestering you, they are much more likely to open up and communicate with you freely.

Personal Closeness and Conversation

When you both get in from a hard day at work, you don’t always want to strike up a conversation about feelings and such. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you will eventually find out that your partner might prefer vocal conversation over watching the TV after work sometimes. Some people need to talk to those they feel close to more than others and if your partner is overly talkative, make sure you tell them your feelings about how you feel after work. If you explain to them that you don’t always feel like a complicated conversation before dinner, they are much less likely to think badly of themselves because they haven’t lived up to a phantom expectation that you actually didn’t have. Little things like this can really gnaw away at someone’s confidence in the relationship and they may be reluctant to discuss things like this as they could be seen as just being petty and acting up for the sake of it.

Whilst this is a fairly short list of things that your partner might expect from you, it’s certainly a good starting point. Being emotionally and physically close to your partner and allowing honest and frank conversation about how your relationship is going to happen will allow you to take a load off of your mind about the relationship. After all, if you are constantly stressing about how you think your partner is losing interest and you don’t really now the truth, how could you possibly enjoy any of the time spent with them?

As we always say, personal closeness and honest communication go hand in hand to form a great relationship. Keeping these tips in mind next time you think something has gone wrong in your relationship will keep you in good stead for the rest of both of your lives.

Do you have any great tips to share with us?

Stock Trade Simulators : Why Bother?


The two market phases battle it out

Clients often ask me why I tell them to go and practice using a stock market simulator before jumping right in to the action on the real stock market. Whilst I have my own reasons for particular clients, I think the prevalence of virtual stock markets speaks for itself, as something that the general trading public wants to have.

The main draw of a virtual stock market is obvious. You don’t have to spend your own money to participate and see if your strategies pay off. The better stock market simulators are accurate, updated regularly and follow the same patterns as the real market. The closer the virtual stock markets are to the real market, the more you can learn from them.

The Benefits

Virtual stock markets are useful for everyone, not just green stock traders who haven’t traded before. I often rehearse my trades on the virtual stock markets before making them and I can also try different strategies on them to see which is more profitable in the long run. In addition to this, the better virtual stock markets support options and futures and this means I can test a strategy for these types of stocks as well.

There is no loss in losing your money on the virtual stock market, yet there is plenty to gain from doing so. Seeing how you react to losing your money on the virtual stock market allows you to avoid the mistakes when you start trading with real money in the future. Using a virtual stock market is somewhat akin to getting a look at how you will react and deal with the market’s idiosyncrasies.


If you have other stock trader friends, you can set up a competition, comparing your virtual stock portfolio and theirs to see who is the better investor, without the possibility of ruining your real life portfolio. Using an online stock trade simulator allows you to teach and show someone who is not comfortable with dealing with money how the market works and allows you to show them without any risk to your funds or theirs. Investing money is a cornerstone of today’s society and everyone should have a working understanding of how to invest and why to invest. The virtual stock simulators provide the hands on experience necessary to learn the ropes of the stock market.

Learning via a game is a proven way to make sure things stick and you can use virtual markets in conjunction with classroom economic study to help students learn how everything works. One university professor I know sets up his own Investopedia games based on the work he has set in the last month and gives out a prize for the student with the best portfolio at the end of the month.

By spending time alongside these markets, anyone involved will also get a working knowledge of why and how stock prices rise and fall, can learn the slang associated with stock trading and will understand why certain trades are better than others. The virtual market also allows you to see the overall trend of the economy and how third party influences like the media can change stock values.

If you can avoid mistakes in the virtual market, you'll be fine in the real one

If you can avoid mistakes in the virtual market, you’ll be fine in the real one

Other Skills

For those who are reckless, online stock trading simulators are an area where they can find out what happens when you charge in without doing their research leads to losing large amounts of money in short periods of times. Whilst I like to get my clients to work with the virtual stocks, I don’t stop them from investing in the real stock market simultaneously, I just get them to make sure their decisions are based on knowledge and not guesswork. If the clients isn’t sure what to do, adding the stocks to their virtual portfolio is an educational experience. It doesn’t matter whether the stocks in a virtual portfolio rise or fall as you are looking at the virtual market from an educational point of view, not a financial point of view. I highly recommend that everyone who is even slightly interested in the stock market opens an account with Investopedia or a different virtual stock market to start their virtual trading career as this may give them the confidence to use the real stock market in the future.


If these virtual stock markets existed fifty years ago, I would bet that some of the worse financial crashes would not have happened. The proliferation of financial knowledge gained from the simulators is highly valuable and I believe that all students should get the change to use one of these simulators before they leave school. Financial knowledge and foresight should not be avoided and even if you are a confident stock trader, there is always something knew that you could learn about a different trading strategy or your own trading style.

Types Of Online Stock Trades


Do your research before any trade

If you talk to your average person on the street and ask them about securities and stock trading and most of them will tell you that it’s easy, just buy low and sell high, right? Most people are unaware that there are other things to invest in.

Whilst this is a sound strategy, there are many other types of securities to buy and sell, which can really help diversify a one dimensional portfolio. It’s just as easy to buy these types of securities as standard shares and it’s an easy way to extend your portfolio and some types of securities can be used to secure against risk in the other parts of your portfolio.


Bonds are a very simple way to earn interest on your capital, much like depositing your money in a bank. They are less flexible than using a bank for money as once you have signed up for a bonds contract, you cannot take the money out of the contract until the agreed upon date when the bonds will be paid back with interest. Bonds are one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring down the total level of risk in your security collection. In general, you can expect to make around 6% in profit at the end of a bond contract. They are not the fastest way to increase your capital or nest egg, yet they are widely used.


Buying options can be risky, as you are essentially betting on stocks moving in a certain direction. You buy an options contract and this entitles you to buy 100 shares in a given company from the option writer some time in the future. You can also buy option contracts that bet on a company doing worse over time with their stock value going down. These option contracts can also be used when the market is not creating money, options are flexible and allow you to make money even in a bear market. For this reason, it’s advised that you have some options in your portfolio so you are covered in the event of a stock market crash or recession. You can also sell options, provided you have the 100 stocks to sell if the option is fulfilled. Whilst it is possible to sell options for stocks you do not own, it’s very risky and selling naked options is something only well informed and battle weathered investors should do on a regular basis.


Futures are similar to options and allow you to agree upon a price to buy stocks at in the future without owning them until that date. You can buy and sell futures contracts provided you find someone to trade with and this is another way to make money on speculating how the market will move. Futures are also quite risky, as you may end up overpaying for stocks that are not worth anything over the time you buy them. If you offer $10 for stocks at the start of a future contract, whilst the stock falls to $3, you will have lost a large sum of money over this deal. Of course, if the stocks value increases to $50, you have made a huge sum of money instead. Futures are helpful for diversifying alongside standard stocks.


Forex is trading pairs of currency. Due to how the forex market works, forex is some of the least volatile market choices around for someone to invest in. The forex market is interesting and is growing quite quickly, as people realize the risk mitigation that forex can supply. Over time currency pairs fall and rise, which means you will make or lose a little money. However, forex is a good market to be interested in and save your money using over the long run. Forex is supported by most brokers and in general, there are very small or no commission fees for the trading of forex securities. In addition to being safer than standard stocks, there does exist a chance to make large amounts of money over the long term. For those who are trying to invest in a relatively non risky way, forex is a great way to go, as your profits will not be eaten up by commissions over the course of you buying and selling the different currency pairs. The forex market is non regulated, but due to the huge volume going through the forex market it is incredibly difficult to manipulate the market, making it safer for all involved.

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stocks that cost very little to own. You can buy penny stocks for less than a dollar. As the price of entry is very low, the amount of shares moving around is colossal. Penny stocks are high risk, high reward stocks that are useful when you wish to speculate.


Penny Stocks can be very profitable

Top Accessories for Your iPhone5

Now that you have an iPhone 5, you may be excited to buy as many accessories as you can. You’re lucky that there are so many accessories available with new ones coming out now and then. It can be hard to look for the right accessories especially with all the options you have. We’ll make it easier for you. Here are the hottest accessories that you can get for your beloved phone.

  1. Belkin ProFit Armband

It’s perfect for sporty individuals. The armband is easy to snap up. It’s also water-resistant and has a design that doesn’t require you to stop after running for half a mile just to readjust your phone’s set up.

  1. SGP Kuel H12 Stylus Pen

Since the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen than previous iPhones, it’s advisable to get a stylus pen for it. It’s easier to play games, take notes, or draw when you have this stylus pen. It’s a great stylus that you can take wherever you and your phone go.

  1. Apple TV

Apple didn’t provide consumers with an HDTV that has an interface similar to the iOS and a design like the iMac. You just need to go for the Apple TV. It allows you to use your phone as a remote. You can also stream content from NetFlix and iTunes. Moreover, you can mirror photos, videos, and games in your TV.

Best Accessories for iPhone 5

Best Accessories for iPhone 5

  1. Seidio Active Case

Sure, the iPhone 5 is a beautiful phone. But if you’re an active person, your phone won’t look good for long. You have to protect it using a case that provides double protection. The Sedio Active case has two layers, ensuring that your phone is far from danger. You can choose from several colors including royal blue, black, sage, and glossy white.

  1. Griffin PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro 1 Amp

You’ll get a Lighting connector when you buy an iPhone 5. The connector is very useful and allows you to say goodbye to old cables. But you’ll still need the Griffin PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro 1 Amp for the phone. It’s easy to use and you can keep your phone fully charged when you’re on the road.

Seidio ACTIVE Samsung Galaxy

Seidio ACTIVE Samsung Galaxy

Your choices are endless! You’ll find lots of them both online and in physical stores. Although accessories aren’t as expensive as your phone, they’re still significant investments. Thus, it’s best that you take note of your options before you make a purchase. Also, it’s advisable that you purchase your accessories from a store that has the best deals. Remember that these accessories are pretty important. You don’t want to buy those that don’t have good quality. Opt for accessories that will last for years and will do their work. That way, you’ll make the most out of your iPhone and enjoy all of its functionality.   

When You’re Out In The Open: Pros And Cons Of Being In An Open Relationship

An open relationship can be beneficial to some couples, but eventually, others cop-out and think it just does not work. Through this kind of agreement, a relationship is made open to other people. This means that either the man or the woman can engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with another person. While it may seem taboo to many, it happens to a lot of couples today. But can open relationships really work, or are they just possible reasons for a breakup?

A gap that needs to be filled

There will be a point in a couple’s life when one already fails to fulfil the needs of the other. Although both are aware that they still share a special kind of connection to each other, they still feel incomplete, most of the times, sexually. This is frequently one of the reasons a couple agrees to open their relationship.

This usually works only if there is a mutual agreement between the two parties. They also come up with ground rules to stay somewhat “faithful” to each other. Ruth and Bobby, who are married with no kids, proved it worked. Ruth suggests there will be no sex with the same person more than three times. Bobby, on the other hand, exclaims no hooking up with mutual friends. Most of all, both should be honest with each other as to whom they’re having sex with. After all, they will both be back to each others’ arms at the end of the day.

the pros and cons of open

the pros and cons of open

Why it just doesn’t work

Many couples have engaged in this kind of relationship and eventually end up frustrated and angry with their partners. At some point, jealousy often kicks in on either of the two parties. Sometimes, one of them gets too attached or possessive to one of their “sex buddies” that they start to fall out of love with their partners. Moreover, the couple may start to embrace their freedom too much that they already focus more on their personal enjoyment than that of their lover.

An open relationship really poses a lot of challenges and temptations in a couple. In fact, only an estimate of 1 percent is in publicly open polygamous relationships, says Okcupid co-founder and editorial director Christian Rudder. This proves that the concept of monogamy has become purer in the minds of couples in this generation. Even the most liberal and open-minded, according to Rudder, still think it’s “deviant”.

Pro: You're in a relationship!

Pro: You’re in a relationship!

What does it take?

Clearly, the chances that your relationship can survive being open depend on the couple. Being in such a complicated relationship, both parties should be emotionally and psychologically ready to explore this new experience. Clarify both of your wants and needs so you don’t have to rush to the battlefield unarmed. As long as both of you follow the rules you have personally laid out, an open relationship might probably work for you. After all, if you think it may lead to something else, retreat is always an option.

10 Main Causes Of Hair Loss

Our hair somehow indicates our current health condition. How we groom it shows how neat we are. It also shows how confident we are. Your hair and hairdo can easily affect your appearance. You can either look beautiful or plain or even unattractive. Because of the importance of hair, it’s normal for people to feel sad when they experience hair loss. This is why everyone should know the causes of hair loss. Here are the top 10 causes:

1. Blame it on the genes

It’s the most important factor that says when you’ll lose your hair and how much you’ll lose. If your father experienced hair loss early, expect to lose yours early too.

2. When you are too stressed

If you are too stressed, hair growth will be affected. It can also hasten the speed of hair loss.

3. The lack of sleep

Sleeping disorders, lack of sleep and insomnia can affect the health of your hair. It will eventually lead to hair loss. Lupus also causes the condition.

known to cause hair loss in

known to cause hair loss in

4. Certain medical conditions

There are medical conditions that lead to hair loss such as sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes.

5. The conditions of your skin and scalp

If you have bacterial infections affecting your skin and scalp, you can have hair loss. Too much dandruff, ringworm, and psoriasis contribute to the condition.

6. Use of certain medications and substance abuse

Chemotherapeutic agents cause hair loss, but this is only temporary. Abusing drugs and other medications likewise contribute to hair loss.

7. Changes in hormone

A woman can have hair loss during pregnancy and childbirth. It also happens to women during menopause. Hormones change in all these situations. Thyroid problems also affect hair health and may lead to hair loss.

8. It’s because of your gender

In male pattern hair loss, men can expect a distinctive hair pattern. On the other hand, women typically lose hair all over their scalp.

9. Deficient in nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss. Individuals who have eating disorders are usually seen with this problem.

10. Use of chemical treatments

Chemicals used to relax, straighten, or curl the hair can lead to hair loss. These chemical treatments may weaken the hair shaft. Even very tight ponytails or cornrows can lead to hair loss.

Harsh, chemical treatments are

Harsh, chemical treatments are

Not every cause of hair loss can be avoided such as genetics. As for those you can avoid, make sure to stay away from them. Get enough sleep, don’t be too stressed, eat the right foods, and be careful when using chemicals to treat your hair. Although hair loss treatments are available, there’s no guarantee that you’ll grow your hair back. So before it even happens, be responsible. Remember that your body is your responsibility. Do what it takes to stay away from hair loss.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying Or Leasing Your Next Car

You are planning to have a new car and you are thinking whether you want to buy it or just lease it. There are factors that you need to know so that you can weigh in things whether you choose to buy or lease. If you haven’t experienced to lease a car, then most probably you are excited to lease a car that will end after a few years. For some other people, leasing is a chance for them to drive a car they wish to have, however, do you think leasing is the right choice for you? So, before you finally decide read the following difference between leasing and the buying.

  1. Buying is simple to understand. Like when you finally see the car you want to have, you just need to give them your cash or card then pay for it. There is also another option of paying that car, like to trade your old vehicle then use the financing options. Now once you do it all, the car you want will automatically be yours.

  2. Leasing on the other hand is somehow considered as renting a car, but obviously different from car rental. Leasing is an agreement wherein you are allowed to take home the car for a moment like around two-three years. But, once the period of leasing has finished you have the option to choose whether you choose to return the car or pay the depreciating value of the vehicle. During the lease period, you are responsible for the taxes as well as the financing fees.

Buy or lease a car? If your

Buy or lease a car? If your

So, for an example you found a car which costs $19,000, then you want to lease it for an example two years. During that time the worth value of the car depreciated to $15,000. Now, if you decided not to buy that vehicle, you need to pay for $4,000 in which equivalent to the time that you utilized the car. You might feel that leasing is the best option for you, but always remember that you need to return the car and look for another car to ride. Buying and leasing has its pros and cons, however, the important thing is you know what you are doing and that you are ready to accept the risks of it.

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself about. These questions here below will help you decide if you go leasing or buying. So, obviously the decision is yours. You just need to think about it wisely. And make sure that when you choose, you are ready with the responsibility of having a car whether you own it or just lease it.

Leasing a Car Versus Buying

Leasing a Car Versus Buying

  1. Do I need a car for a longer period of time in which I need to run errands as well as work?

  2. Do I travel a lot in which I am required to have a car?

  3. Am I ready to take full responsibility with the maintenance of the car?

Torn Between Work And Family? Learn How to Put Things Balance with these Simple Tips

This is the most common dilemma every person is experiencing today. Juggling your time, energy, and dedication between your work and family is of no easy task. Since both are equally important, it is vital that neither one should be neglected. If you choose family over career, your children may suffer. Budget will be tight, groceries would be minimized and their wants would be overlooked. On the other hand, choosing your career over your family will absolutely kill your drive to go any further. For whatever the reason of you working hard like a dog will slowly drift away from you. Family is the reason why we push too much on our work and why we strive hard in order to give them a better life.

Put family outings into your schedule

To find some quality time with your family without the interruptions of client calls and emergency meetings, put it in your schedule be strict upon setting it as an appointment. Let the people know that you’re not available for calls and meetings that day and teach them to respect your time schedule. It would also be helpful not to bring your mobile phones in family outings so you will not get tempted to read messages and take calls in between. Concentrate on your family since it’s their time to be spent with you.

Be mentally present

When you are around your spouse or your kids, stop thinking about the things you left at work or about the things that you wanted to be done as soon as you go to work. Focus on having fun with your family. Don’t talk to them about work and what’s going on with their business. Instead, this is a great time to catch up with them on how they were doing at school or work. Discuss things that your family would love to hear and talk about.

Here are some ideas for family

Here are some ideas for family

Support System

The most important factor to achieve a happy and well-rounded family plus a successful career is to get your family agree on what your plans and visions are. They must support you entirely to what you are trying to achieve and should always understand must there be times that you are busy with work. To be successful in your career carries the burden of a little sacrifice every now and then. In order to carry on, a real serious talk with your spouse and children is important for them to be with you all the way and not feel left out while you’re chasing your aspirations away.

Torn Between Family & Work:

Torn Between Family & Work:

As much as possible, keep your two worlds separated from each other. Don’t let a bad day at work ruin your dinner at home. Leave your work at the office. When you get in the doors of your house, turn into a family man – a loving father and a faithful spouse to your children and partner. This way, you could have the best of both worlds and could be the best of both worlds, that is.